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Smart Spanish 100% LTV Mortgages

Smart Spanish Mortgages have teamed up with one of Spain’s leading banks to bring our clients a mortgage package that makes financing their property purchase as easy as possible.

Many of our clients have bought their property off plan maybe 2 years ago and at the time paid a deposit of anywhere between 20 to 50%, now the time has come to complete on the property they wish to take out a mortgage but in an ideal world they want to base the borrowings on the current market valuation of the property NOT the figure they paid for the property.

This type of mortgage is know as an LTV mortgage of Loan to Value mortgage, not many banks in Spain accept mortgages on this basis and the ones that do normally charge higher interest rates and arrangement fees, I am delighted to say that with the Smart Spanish Mortgages LTV mortgage there are NO additional fees and No increase in interest rates.

If you are interested in mortgaging your property on an LTV basis to release the capital you have already invested then please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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